Questions and Answers

So how does this work?

vintage-1060202_640It’s pretty simple – head on over to “Send a Telegram” .   There you will find a Telegram form into which you type your message and the recipient’s address (be sure to double click to enter your text).  You can also check out our guide on Telegram style here.

Click on “Add to Cart” underneath your Telegram and you’re all set.  Our team will take your message and transform it into the cutting edge of 19th Century communication – a vintage Telegram!

Why would I want to send a Telegram?  This is 2017!  We have email and apps, smart phones and social media!

vintage-1291644_640-1You said it! We sure do have all that stuff and you might have noticed that keeping up with all this “communication” can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.  In fact, there’s so much communication out that sometimes it can all seem like just so much noise. Not so with a Telegram!  Make your message memorable and special. Our vintage design, aged paper, and tangible product cut through the noise and deliver something that has real impact; we’ve gone old school.  Really old school! We’re talking one-room school house old school! The Telegram!

What are your Telegrams like?

vintage-391453_640They’re like, super cool, super retro, and the cat’s pajamas!  But seriously folks, we’re quite proud of our Telegrams. We start with authentic Telegram size and formatting – just like the one Grandma got on her 21st Birthday (Awwww).  Then we age the paper to give it a vintage look for impact.  Next, we use vintage typewriter fonts with worn characters and shadows for a real retro feel.  Finally we pop it in to a cute little window envelope, add a real Telegram stamp, and deliver it via US mail to that lucky guy or gal.  As they say a picture is worth a thousand words so take a look at some of our samples.

How long will it take for my Telegram to arrive?

We use the US Postal Service to deliver our Telegrams.  They ship from 88050100Southern California, usually the same day they are ordered.  You can expect delivery within three to four days for most of the USA (not including Sundays or Holidays).

What if I need my Telegram delivered fast?

So you waited till the last minute? No problem! We can ship your telegram via FedEx overnight572e2ea2f00b6d1abdcf5db261d75c50 if you order by 3 PM Pacific Standard Time.

How much does it cost?


$9.95 for regular delivery and $44.95 for overnight.  Contact us for bulk rate pricing.

More questions?

Let us know via our contact form here.

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